How do I know which security seal is best suited for my application?

At Mega Fortris we have a wide variety of security seals, throughout the past 20 years our in house R&D department have developed a number of security seals to suit different industries across the globe. We have a seal to suit every need, contact us to speak to one of our tamper evident experts and we will identify whether you are currently using the correct seal and if not advise on which seal will be best suited for your application, we offer free samples for testing purposes to all our potential customers.

What color and lengths are your seals available in?

All our seals come in a range of different colors and lengths, visit our product page and download the data sheet for the product you are interested in all information will be clearly outlined.

Why should I use Mega Fortris? What differentiates you from your competitors?

From humble beginnings from a small office in London 20 years ago to a global leader, Mega Fortris has been built on the unique ability to design, manufacture and distribute our products globally from an in house environment. Our quality is what separates us from the rest and our service excellence, superior lead times, competitive pricing and offering our customers a direct relationship with the manufacturer has seen Mega Fortris become the preferred security seal supply in South Africa and around the globe.

What are your standard lead times?

We keep high levels of our most commonly used seals and products in our warehouse, for these product lead times are 5-7 days from date of order. Any special requirements which would require manufacturing take 7-10 weeks for the first order and 5-7 days thereafter, please contact us for any stock related enquiries.

How are your seals printed and what are your customization options?

Our seals are printed using the latest technology in fiber laser printing, this ensures maximum security and durability. We offer the option of printing company logos, sequential serial numbers, barcodes at no additional costs. Our system ensures no duplicated seals are ever printed and we maintain a fully auditable, highly secure database of all our customers printing history.

Do you offer onsite support and risk analysis?

Yes, please see this page

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we offer free samples to all potential customers, this may include custom printing as well.

What other products & services do you provide?

Besides tamper evident products such as security seals, bags, labels and tape, Mega Fortris provides Cargo securing products, GPS based telematcis solutions, Driver behaviour solution, Mobile Surviulance and track and trace systems, contact us for more info.