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Airport Luggage Sealing

Leaving your luggage for packing before departure at an airport causes you to have a stressful journey. At Mega Fortris, because we understand that leaving your valuables in your bag may be a risk, we have provided a seal and go security seal.

The SP Cash Bag Seal is so named for its primary sealing applications for the effective securing of luggage. It is also versatile enough for additional applications across sectors to secure the transportation of high-value goods.

  • The typical applications for this universal bag seal include sacks or bags designed for
  • High-value goods transportation in numerous industries: finance, airline cargo management,
  • Postal services, clinical waste management, courier services and cash-in-transit.


To seal your luggage and have a worry free flight, contact Mega Fortris, your security seal manufacturer on +27 10 591 2922

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