Mega Fortris announces partnership with Phalamash Risk Management

Mega Fortris announces partnership with Phalamash Risk Management

From top left: Alessandro Basso (Sales Director - Phalamash Risk Management), Janine Kotzen (GM - Mega Fortris South Africa), Wesley Rousseau (MD - Mega Fortris South Africa), Marcia Kodisang (MD - Phalamash Risk Management)

We are proud to announce that Mega Fortris South Africa has teamed up with Phalamash Risk Management, a Level 1 BEE Company.  Phalamash brings a vast amount of experience in Industries where together we hope to expand the Mega Fortris range of products and provide companies with better security solutions for their businesses. This partnership combines the extraordinary products that Mega Fortris South Africa has to offer with Phalamash’s extensive range of clientele that would be hugely beneficial to both parties.

“Phalamash Risk Management has positioned itself strategically in the Government/State-owned sector(s) and has a strong presence in the logistics and warehouse industry,” says Alessandro Basso, Sales Director of Phalamash. 

This partnership will ensure Mega Fortris South Africa continues to align itself with partners that share the same values and principals that have built the foundation of our company.

“Due to the fact that our previous company was part of the Transport and Logistics sector this assisted us in gaining more success in logistics and warehousing, pharmaceutical, retail, and ICT to name a few. The fact that we are 60% black-owned and we are level 1 BEE gives us more opportunities in the state, for example, Government municipalities, hospitals, public transport industry, power utility industry, etc.  We are excited to partner with a company such as Mega Fortris South Africa who brings an extensive and global track record over the past 20 years.” Says Marcia Kodiseng, Managing Director of Phalamash.

Mega Fortris South Africa a subsidiary of blue-chip global company Mega Fortris Holdings established itself in South Africa in 2014 with the objective of expanding our footprint throughout the African continent and creating awareness around the importance of Tamper Evident Security products, such as Tamper Evident security seals, bags, labels, tapes and other technology-driven security products.
“Having known the members of Phalamash for many years, and after extensive discussions, it made absolute sense to form this partnership as it would offer benefits to both parties as well as our customers and the industry as a whole.” Says Wesley Rousseau, Managing Director of Mega Fortris South Africa.

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