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VVT (Vehicle Video Telematics)

MegaCam specializes in Real-Time Vehicle Surveillance Solutions, for all types of vehicles from small to large fleets. The MegaCam VVT product is designed to assist customers monitor the drivers and the loads they transport, by

offering Real-Time Video streaming, viewed on a desktop computer, 3G Tablet or smartphone. The MegaCam VVT records the story behind the story when an event occurs.

Considering that, reportedly, 35% of crashes are due to fatigue and 15% are due to texting, FleetFatigue can reduce your crash risk by 50%.

  • Real-Time VVT
  • Audio monitoring
  • Intelligent vehicle monitoring software
  • Live tracking & Alarm triggers
  • Automated live camera viewing on alerts
  • From simple 2 camera systems to full 12 camera fleet management & surveillance solutions
  • Driver fatigue monitoring
  • Drive distraction monitoring
  • Bureau assist
  • Integrated with MegaCam VVT
MegaCam VVT

Know where your vehicle is!
See where it is!
See what is happening now!


Proactive Driver Fatigue &
Distraction. Integrated with
our 24/7/365 Bureau.


Standalone vehicle tracking,
SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery)
& Fleet Management.


Monitor your cargo
temperature remotely with
pre-set alarm alerts.


Fuel consumption reporting
with exception alerts for
fuel theft and abuse.







Bureau Services

24/7/365 monitoring
and reporting with SVR
(Stolen Vehicle Recovery)

Fleet Win FMERP


Your driver is responsible for your assets and cargo to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Do you really know what is going on in and around your vehicle?
  • Distraction or fatigue could cost the life of your driver and the lives of others. How do you help your driver when this happens?
  • Video streaming, recording & vehicle tracking to your computer or smart device.
  • What would be your cost if you lose your rig and cargo because of your loss of production, insurance excess, repairs or replacement?

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